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Flambert Holdings Ltd was incorporated in Kenya under the Companies Act (Cap 486) under the laws  of Kenya to provide a wide range of innovative and cost effective range of services and products ranging from general supplies to consumer based needs.

Flambert holdings is a supply-chain solutions company and one of the nation’s leading distributor
of name-brand medical and surgical supplies .Its core activity is supply of human, medical and surgical equipment, chemicals and reagents.

Through its extensive distribution network, diverse product offering and expertise in technology, logistics and supply chain management, Flambert Holdings Limited serves more than acute care hospital customers nationwide.

Flambert Holdings Ltd strength lies in its consultants who include a team of qualified technicians, Doctors and Experts who have worked with various medical and Laboratory Consultancy firms. It lies in the fact that we are able to impart knowledge to the users through our hands on training, support and implementation approach.

One of Flambert Holdings Ltd’s principal goals is to help customers control healthcare costs and improve inventory management. Our company is committed to a mission that calls for”strategically-focussed expansion of partnerships with new and existing customers through our three main business units-distribution, supply chain consulting and outsourcing, and third party logistics” continued increases in the value and quality of services it provides “ expansion and differentiation of our portfolio of products and services in response to the changing needs of our supply chain partners “professional growth of our teammate through a teaching/learning culture that educates and challenges them  to be the very best in their fields of endeavor and to understand the dynamics of our marketplace and customer base.

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