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Collaboration to meet customer need

The three primary businesses of Flambert Holdings Ltd work independently or collaboratively to address specific customer needs, whether for basic distribution management or for innovative logistics consulting or outsourcing engagements. Flambert Holdings Ltd diverse service offerings provide our customers with the breadth and depth of solutions they need to streamline their medical and surgical supplies.

Core Distribution Business

For more than 10 years, Flambert Holdings Ltd has engaged in medical and surgical supply distribution of Human and Veterinary equipment, chemicals and drugs, developing an unparalled level of customer service and supply-chain experience in healthcare. We deploy state of the art forecasting and planning systems to ensure that customers have the products they need and as when they need them. Whether engaged simply to deliver products more efficiently, or to design a customized delivery system from bulk distribution to low unit of measure, just-in-time or stockless services, Flambert Holdings has the capability to respond to any customer with quality and value

At Flambert Holdings Ltd, we provide turnkey solutions, which are not vendor driven. In this regards, we can lay claim to being in a position to offer our client various options from which we will integrate seamlessly with currently running system to leverage on existing investment.

Flambert Holding Ltd enables institution and our general customer to reduce the complexity and costs associated with modern medical and related fields. Together with Flambert Holdings Ltd, business of all sizes are able to obtain high quality consistent solutions.

Flambert Holdings Ltd engages expert covering all our core activities. With this kind of  personnel, Flambert Holdings Ltd offers the experience required to develop solutions alongside strength, reliability and dedication.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
Leveraging its existing warehouse and transportation system, technology and long-standing supply chain relationship, Flambert Holdings Ltd is working to streamline delivery of healthcare products for both healthcare providers and suppliers. Third-party logistics is designed to help facilitate the product flow in supply chain for manufacturer to provider. 3PL will provide the physical distribution service of warehousing and transportation, enabled with technology and processes, to speed the movement of goods and services between buyers and sellers.

0ur Place in the Healthcare Arena
Flambert Holdings Ltd has established itself as the industry leader in healthcare supply chain management, gaining recognition for its use of technology. Customers agree that Flambert Holdings Ltd is an industry leader. Last year, 97 percent of the customers surveyed said they were satisfied with the quality of service they received from our company. Stated simply, Flambert Holdings Ltd has become the best in the industry at getting vital medical and surgical supplies from the manufacturer to the patient’s bedside. Using technology, logistics management and top-notch customer service, Flambert Holdings Ltd focuses on its principal business arena-the supply chain empowering its customer to focus on their primary mission, patient care.

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